Changing Your Lifestyle Might Change Your Life

Changing Your Lifestyle Might Change Your Life.png

There are many articles online proving that if you change your lifestyle, it will certainly change your life or at least outlook on it. Many bad or unhealthy habits that we encounter in our life happen over the period of time, therefore, it takes some time to get that "switch mode" to the new me! So, if you consciously decided to proceed with the "new healthier me" then continue reading this article, as we will provide you with some points on where to start!


To start this journey, you need to have a well thought out plan. Think of it something like 30-day challenge. Each week should contain a mini-goal, that will eventually bring you closer to your ultimate aim. It's very important to note, that if you set unrealistic goals, chances are, that you will never get anywhere unless you are a super hero :) So let's be honest with ourselves and start off with something simple like drinking less coffee, eating less carbohydrates, drinking more water or simply increase the days of gym visit. Write down your plan on piece of paper to create a visual picture of how you are following it and your daily execution steps. Gradually increase your list by adding one or two points to your list for persistent challenge.

Your Attitude And Behavior

An approach to the overall well-being starts with your outlook on it. It's the attitude we choose to live with - helps us go through the day; the way you set your mood every single day on accomplishing your goals, the same way it will be shown on your weekly progress. Encourage yourself, even reward yourself for the milestones that you overcome. But make sure those rewards don't interfere with your goal, meaning that if you decided to eat less sugar, don't reward yourself with a big piece of apple pie that will bring you back to square one, but instead consider grabbing something healthy, like a fruit or vegetable smoothie etc.

Find Your Buddy Buddy

Having a buddy for your moral support certainly helps. Whether it's your best friend, relative or even a work out acquaintances will keep you company and push you mentally when you are thinking to catch a slack or celebrate a milestone. 

There Are Good People

Living in NYC we tend to do everything ourselves, as everyone is already busy chasing their American Dream. However, there is an exception to this rule, there are actually people who care and love you genuinely to help you and support you all the way.
Asking or accepting help form those who care about you, doesn't mean that you are weak or unable to do it on your own, what it will do is, build a strong long-term resilience in you. Last but not least, please remember - we are all imperfect and that's exactly what makes us perfect!

Do you have any tips or perhaps plans that you follow every day to accomplish your "better you?" Feel free to share them in our comments.